WW2 SAAF Fighter Pilot Hannes Faure

 WW2 SAAF Fighter Pilot Hannes Faure   

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While doing video interviews with surviving ww2 SAAF fighter pilots and subsequent research on their whereabouts, I made contact with Pierre Faure, son of Hannes Faure. We decided to construct this web site  of Hannes in remembrance of his ww2 experiences. The site includes his war photographs, flight log book, photographs of fellow pilots and other related historical information. 

Hannes joined the SAAF in 1941. After training he went to North Africa where he flew in combat against the German Luftwaffe and Italian Regia Aeronautica. He returned for two more tours to see the war through with the conclusion of the Africa and Italy campaigns. He received the DFC in 1943. The Bar to the DFC was awarded to him in 1945. Hannes became a squadron leader and ended the war as a sweep leader of a RAF wing with the rank of  Lieut. Colonel. He was also titled an "Ace" for shooting down 5 1/2 enemy aircraft.

After the war Hannes became the commander of the SAAF Langebaan training base but after a few years he turned to farming in the Somerset West/Stellenbosch area.  

This is a living web site. Any input and/or participation will be much appreciated regarding additional information, correctness, information from relatives of members who served with Hannes in his squadron, photographs, stories etc. Please e-mail me. Most welcome will be any photographs of 1 squadron while Hannes was with them.

If you have a family member who served as a SAAF fighter pilot during ww2 and you want to find out more about his war service please contact me and maybe I can be of assistance.

Tinus le Roux

January 2012

 Military Career

01/03 /1940      No.1 Air School Baragwanath

01/06/1941       No.21 Air School Kimberley

15/08/1941      Wings, promoted to 2nd Lt.

01/10/1941      RAF 73 sqdn

01/12/1941      71 OTU, promoted to 1st Lt.

12/01/1942      1 SAAF squadron

23/07/1942      Shot down 2x Ju-87 Stukas

18 /08/1942      Detached to RAF 92 sqdn to gain experience on Spitfires

01/09/1942      Damaged a Bf-109

02/09/1942      Shot down a Bf-109

11/ 09/1942      Back to 1 sqdn

09/10/1942      Damaged a He-111

02/11/1942      Shot down a Ju-87 Stuka

04/11/1942      Hannes was shot down behind                   enemy lines. Passenger with King's Dragoon Guards in armoured car. Returned to sqdn 2 days later         

27/11/1942      Shot down a Bf-109

05/12/1942      Return to Union (RTU)

16/01/1943      6 Squadron, home defence

23/03/1943      DFC awarded

24/06/1943      1 Squadron, Malta

24/07/1943      Shot down Fw-190 shared

28/07/1943      OC 1 sqdn, promoted to major

14/02/1944      RTU, Instructor 11 OTU

02/08/1944      OC SAAF 4 sqdn, Italy

17/11/1944      Promoted to Lieut. Col.

17/11/1944      Sweep leader RAF 324 Wing

18/02/1945      DSO awarded

23/05/1945      Bar to DFC awarded

03/06/1945      RTU

 In the Western desert with 1 squadron 1942

On leave with his wife-to-be: Liefie


SFTS Kimberley , Hannes sitting second from the right. (thanks Yuri Maree for pic!)

 No 21 Air School Kimberley


Qualified as a pilot and getting his wings in Kimberley 15/8/1941

Hannes mounting his Hurricane  AX-F in the Desert 1942.

Commanding officer of 1 sqdn with the two flight leaders: Bomb Finney and Lippy Lipawsky, Italy1943


Hannes at a parade in London smiling at the queen.


Hannes's Photo Album


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